Athletic training camp

Athletic training camp bed and breakfast accommodation in the Czech Jizera mountains, 100 km from Prague, with spa facilities, athletic stadium and hall 300 m.


Offer for all guests, atlhletic clubs also for individual athlets great for athletic training camp.

Athletic area for amateur but mainly for professionals -
athletic training camp price

Athletic training camp in Czech Jablonec nad Nisou just 300 m from the Bed and Breakfast Ayky.

Modern training sportshall :

  1. 300 m athletic area with 4 xystus, 100 m 8 xystus
  2. Modern athletic stadium with 8 xystus.
  3. International accreditation IAAF

Athletic natural range as a bonus

The location of the Bed and Breakfast Ayky with its whole equipment  is

ideally suitable for achievement of  best athletic training.

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