Jizerska 50 accommodation

Vacancies available 8.-11.2.2024 Jizerska 50 accommodation Jablonec nad Nisou in the Czech Jizera mountains, accommodation in Jablonec with spa facilities, skiservis room.

  1. Jizerska 50 accommodation Ayky is 35 min. away by bus from the start of the Patria Direct Jizerska 50
  2. Accommodation Ayky - there is skiservis room ready for the racer.
  3. Including its unique home made kitchen and breakfast bufet
  4. Location on the outskirts of the town it offers a beautiful view of the town below and the panorama of the Jizera mountains.

Patria Direct Jizerska 50

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Skiing in Czech mountains with spa facilities

Pension AykyHana a Tomáš ZemanoviOblouková 8466 01 Jablonec nad Nisoutel.: +420 483 722 157mobil: +420 602 136 353e-mail: info@ayky.cz