Пансион карта + легенда

  1. hotel Ayky with the swimming-pool location is on the outskirts of the town Jablonec
  2. from the German border Zittau please drive in the direction LIBEREC
  3. please drive the whole Liberec through with a highway - DON´T EXIT
  4. after 10 km behind Liberec is the last exit to Jablonec (if you come from Prag it is the first exit) PLEASE EXIT
  5. now you must drive another 5 km to Jablonec
  6. in Jablonec right behind (200m) the schedule Jablonec nad Nisou please TURN RIGHT (around the football stadium)
  7. after 200 m TURN LEFT and then after 300 m is hotel AYKY
  8. NOTICE: from the high road (Turnovská) to hotel Ayky you can use small blue navigation schedule with small bed.
  9. ...and here is the map of Family Hotel Ayky in Jablonec


Пансион «Айки»

Hana a Tomáš Zemanovi
Oblouková 8
466 01 Jablonec nad Nisou
telefon: 420 483 722157
Mobil Tomáš : 420 602 136353
Mobil Hana : 420 728 999044
e-mail: ayky.pension@iol.cz
ICQ: 489309682


GPS: Loc: 50°42'48.352"N, 15°10'3.295"E
Pension AykyHana a Tomáš ZemanoviOblouková 8466 01 Jablonec nad Nisoutel.: +420 483 722 157mobil: +420 602 136 353e-mail: info@ayky.cz