Ski resort Ještěd


  1. 20 minuts from bed and breakfast Ayky by car
  2. Above sea level         540-1000 m
  3. Lifts/ski lifts         4/6
  4. Downhill slopes         9.2 km
  5. Cross-country routes         17 km
  6. Transport capacity         11095 Pers./hour
  7. Artificial snow         7.790 km (84.7%)
  8. Difficulty         blue, red, black

The ski resort Ještěd is a modern ski centre within the reach of Liberec urban transport with perfect traffic accessibility thanks to the expressway from Prague to Liberec. In consequence of the World Championship in classic skiing which was held here in 2009, the transport facilities and infrastructure have been modernized. A new two-storey Central car park is a part of this ski centre. There are 2 four-chair lifts, 1 two-chair lift, 1 aerial cableway to the top of Ještěd and 6 ski tows in the ski centre. This resort offers ski slopes of all levels of difficulty from difficult ones on the north side to easy ones on the sunny south side. Beginners have the exercising ground Bucharka and 2 more training meadows at their disposal. The operation time of the ski resort is daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. plus night skiing on the ski lift F-10 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Innovation for this year’s season:

We have extended the offer of season tickets for you. Children’s tickets are valid until the age of 15 years. We offer many interesting bonuses and discounts with our partners. The two-storey Central car park has been finished. The narrowest part of the slope Pod lany has been extended. We have increased the number of snow-making machines to 35. We have made the snow making system more effective. We have invested into other safety elements as well.

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