Ski resort Severák Hrabětice


  1. 30 minuts away from bed and breakfast Ayky by car
  2. Above sea level         700-800 m
  3. Lifts/ski lifts         0/11
  4. Downhill slopes         4.9 km
  5. Cross-country routes         81 km
  6. Transport capacity         6005 Pers./hour
  7. Artificial snow         3.22 km (65.7%)
  8. Difficulty         red , blue

Ski resort Severák is the coldest place in the Jizera Mountains. Ski slopes are suitable for families with children. There are many children ski lifts with ski slopes of the different levels of difficulty. For the training of small skiers we have prepared a NOVELTY children training playground with many attraction, running carpet and merry-go-round. The fanciers of snowboards can use a snowpark with 6 barriers and 2 jumps. The ski slope South is suitable for more experience skiers. The area is equipped with modern snow-covering system. Severák is crossed with the ski running track of Jizera road. Evening skiing is on the ski slope Arnika. Parking is free and it is already included in the price of a ticket.

* children training playground
* new ski lift on a training slope across from Arnika

A rental and ski school SKI Bižu SPORT, tel. 605 907 935.
The resort is directly connected to the tracks of Jizera road from the parking place Kaplička.

The administrator and keeper of Jizera road is OPS Bedřichov - tel. 483 380 034, News is moving carpet for teaching of all age categories.

Information about the situation on downhill slopes and operation of ski lifts you can find in phone number +420 483 380 092.

Ski school is in the centre, phone +420 606 907 935, 732 751 119.

The centre is connected to cross country routes called "Jizerska magistrala", from parking place "Kaplicka".

Controller and operator of "Jizerska magistrala" is OPS Bedrichov - phone number +420 483 380 034,

Patria Direct Jizerska 50

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Skiing in Czech mountains with spa facilities


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