Ski resort Tanvaldský Špičák


  1. 40 minuts away from bed and breakfast Ayky
  2. Above sea level         560-800 m
  3. Lifts/ski lifts         1/7
  4. Downhill slopes         6.7 km
  5. Cross-country routes         81 km
  6. Transport capacity         6110 Pers./hour
  7. Artificial snow         6.74 km (100.6%)
  8. Difficulty         blue, red, black

Tanvaldský Špičák belongs to the most outstanding resorts of winter sports in the Czech Republic and it is the biggest ski centre of the Jizera Mountains. The quality of ski slopes is guaranteed with a daily maintenance and the powerful snow-covering machines that cover the whole lenght of ski slopes. The ski slopes of all levels of difficulty are suitable for beginners and also for demanding skiers. The parking places are directly at the entrance to the chair lifts and the ski lifts - parking fee is already included in the price of a ticket.

Tanvaldský Špičák is the place for the arrangements of many down hill ski races in republic and international level. A new four-seat chair lift and a T-bar ski lift were established in 2003 that brought the significant reduction of check-in waiting time. There is an evening skiing in Špičák II, POMA Zalomený, from 18.00 to 21.00.

* a red ski slope is wider in the critical parts
* the capacity of snow-covering system - new end parts (showers) of the York company.
* the groups and families´ discounts
* the new cash desks and rentals in Tanvaldský Špičák II

The services of SKI Bižu SPORT - rental, ski school and service are on both parking places.

Every year the new models of skis and snowboards. Ski service is equipped with the only automat MONTANA in the Jizera Mountains.

Contact: 604 271 434 - Špičák I, 732 751 119 - Špičák II.

The resort is directly connected to the ski running tracks of Jizera road owing to a connecting line from Sedlo pod Špičákem to Knajpa in the lenght of 6 km that is continuously mechanically maintained.

The administrator and keeper of Jizera road is OPS Bedřichov - tel. 483 380 034,

Patria Direct Jizerska 50

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